New Online Quizzes for an Nawawi’s 40 Hadeeths

30 Sep

New Online Quizzes for an Nawawi’s 40 Hadeeths.

We are coming to an end of the hadeeth snippets from Nawawi’s 40, with only 3 more to go inshaa Allaah. After that, they will start again from the beginning inshaa Allaah.

Meanwhile, today we are starting a new blog which is at a more advanced level than the hadeeth snippets – to help to memorise and understand al arba’een an nawawiyyah in a year inshaa Allaah.

Sign up at to receive one quiz a week.

Key features – the quizzes will inshaa Allaah…

  • help memorisation and understanding
  • be able to be used by those who are not memorising and who are instead just wanting to understand the hadeeths
  • be suitable for secondary school (high school) age pupils as well as adults
  • use the explanation of Shaykh al Uthaymeen rahimahullaah (available in English)
  • help with learning key Arabic words
  • take 50 weeks – every fifth week is for revision and catch-up
  • be short: 10 questions each
  • be totally online – nothing to print off

May Allaah, the Most High, put barakah in this and in all our studies.

We are moving to the new Islamthebasics website!

28 Apr

Bismillaah ir Rahmaan ir Raheem

The information and postings on this blog have now moved to the following website:

Please visit us there, where we will be posting up new material regularly (inshaa Allah) to help you learn about the basics of Islam and where you will find colourful and user friendly articles to help teach children as well.

For those of you who have been linking to this blog so far, if we could ask you to change your link to the new website please so that readers will be directed there instead.

Thank you!